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On Oct. 29, 2018, ASSP hosted a summit on the safety of women in the workplace, focused on three key issues:
  1. Closing the gap in availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed specifically for women workers, and educate leadership about the need for and availability of such equipment.
  2. Finding solutions to workplace violence, which has a disproportionate impact on women and is the leading cause of death in the workplace for women.
  3. Advancing women in positions of leadership in the occupational safety and health profession.
We had many fruitful conversations leading into and during the summit, and we are continuing the dialogue here in the ASSP Community as part of our ongoing efforts to influence change in these areas. Please share your thoughts and insights in any of our discussion threads.

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Virginia Walker
Can anyone recommend a good emergency alert system?
Virginia Walker Apr '22

@Virginia Walker  If the violence has made its way past security, I would rely on our Emergency Response Team to ...

William Larson
In the run-up to COVID preparation, last year company purchased boxes of respirators that we don't have a need ...
William Larson Dec '21
Kevin Begnaud
Hello.  My name is Kevin Begnaud and I currently serve as President of the Greater Houston STEPS chapter of the ...
Kevin Begnaud Sep '21

Hi Kevin, A very good question for us all.  Yup, it sure has been tough in so many ways.  I'm happy to chime in with a few ...


Thank you very much for your response. Yes, i am working on personally reaching out to people. Our ...
Ashleigh L'Orange
Hello hive mind, I'm curious if anyone has hired and could recommend a particularly exceptional consultant to ...

@Ashleigh L'Orange Contact your local sheriff's office.  They may provide the service for no cost.

Abby Ferri
WISE Speakers Sought!  Several ASSP Chapters have reached out to WISE leadership to source speakers for virtual ...
Abby Ferri Aug '20
Susan Deason
Hi: Any suggestions for a man that needs a size 16 AA  safety shoe that meets ASTM for PPE in CA? Major industrial shoe ...
Susan Deason Jan '20
This is an interesting one!  Let me see if I can find you some answers.

Susan Deason ‍ Have you looked at going to the manufacturers directly instead of through a supplier? 
Client has custom shoes from mfgr.  Mfgr. would not certify to ASTM or the old ANSI standard.
Mary Czaja
I have been doing some research, and have come up blank so far. Does anyone have a source for very small or kids safety ...
Mary Czaja Aug '19
I've put the word out!  Hopefully some WISE members will respond soon! 
Abby Ferri Abby Ferri Aug '19
this is always a tough one - it seems that solutions people find are from overseas and may not meet ANSI standards for ...
Abby Ferri Mary Czaja ‍ Grainger goes as small as 3 but they will be unisex sizes and not in many styles. Women's only ...
Abby Ferri Abby Ferri Aug '19
Thank you Wyatt! 

Mary, I heard back from Shoes for Crews and they start at size 4 as well. 
The key is "women's sizes".  Some manufacturers offer unisex sizes that say if you wear a women's size 8, order a ...
Mary Czaja Mary Czaja Aug '19

Abby Ferri :
Thank you Wyatt! 

Mary, I heard back from Shoes for Crews and they start at size 4 as well. 

They have two ...
Caryn Hart Caryn Hart Oct '19
This is a Great topic, in all the years I've been in the construction business,  the Most comfortable boot has been ...
Cory Worden
Good day, If interested, these are my slides on Situational Awareness, including Workplace Violence ...
Cory Worden Aug '19
Thanks for sharing!
Very interesting that you added Col. Boyd's OODA loop in to a presentation on Situational Awareness. I posted a ...
Abby Ferri
ASSP will be informing ANSI of intent to develop a Technical Report related to women and PPE fit. ANSI will then ...
Abby Ferri May '19
What a great opportunity to have the special circumstances of women considered in the development and use of PPE.  ...
Abby Ferri
The Women and Manufacturing podcast recently featured ASSP CEO Jennifer McNelly ‍  and Dr. Cori Wong (frequent ...
Abby Ferri May '19
Thanks for sharing this, Abby Ferri ‍! For those interested in hearing more on this topic from Dr. Cori Wong and ...


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